What I have learned from dogs

Dogs make a difference in our lives. Dogs have certainly made a huge difference in MY LIFE! They make small differences in us that go unnoticed and they make big differences that we never forget. I have had many dogs in my life, both in my personal life and at my work. I grew up with dogs in my house. They became part of me, every single one of them in some way. I have tons of pictures that have me with one dog or another in them as I was growing up. I grew to love all of them. Now I can’t even think what it would be like to not have a dog in my house and in my life. I LOVE DOGS!

I hope to write about many of the dogs that have touched my life in this blog. I believe that dogs come into our lives and leave a piece of themselves behind long after they are gone. I will try to put into words with this blog how each dog has touched and changed me and taught me. Each dog is special in his/her own way. I hope to convey how special with words and will use pictures when I have them. There are some that I do not have any pictures of. If you love dogs as I do I hope you will come with me on this journey to discover how much I have learned from the dogs that have come into my life…. and how much they continue to teach me.



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