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Kassi came from a pet store. She was born in March of 1984. I bought her from a pet store before I became aware of the horror that is puppy mills. Now I recommend rescue and adoption. At that time the only thing I knew was that I had lost my Peanut and I wanted or needed a puppy to care for.

I loved the name Kassandra so that’s what I decided to call her. In fact her full name was Kassandra Alexis. But we called her Kassi. She was a black and tan dachshund. The paperwork said she was a mini but I think she was more of a tweenie(in between a mini and a standard).

My favorite story about Kassi is about her Ocsar the grouch squeaky toy. She had that toy when she was spayed. She took it everywhere with her and wouldn’t relax and go to bed at night unless she had it. This went on for the week while she recovered from the spay surgery. Then as soon as she felt better and the stitches were out she ripped it apart.

Kassi was a loyal friend and companion to me. We went through many changes together, moving a number of times and living in different places, even camping for a whole month while looking for a place to live. She was very loyal and protective and just happy to be with me no matter where we were.

She loved camping and going to the local parks for walks. Kassi loved hanging out down by the beach area. Kassi was never a very social dog and did not care for other people especially children. But she never left my side no matter what. My comfort when I lost my mom, my best friend when I was lonely, my study buddy when I returned to school.

The only other dog she ever liked and would sleep next to was Poffo, a mutt that was my mom’s dog. In fact they loved each other and Poffo lived with us after my mom died.

Kassi taught me the importance of being loyal to those that mean the most to you and sticking by them.

Unfortunately Kassi became very sick the summer before my second year in college. I had to make the hard decision to put her out of her suffering a week before returning to my studies.

I loved her and I still miss her. She was a loyal little friend who taught me a very important lesson.
Thank You Kassi.