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I purchased Xena from a breeder in 1996 shortly after I started my second year of college for Veterinary technology. She was the last puppy from the litter and also the smallest of the litter. Xena was a black and tan smooth coated mini dachshund and just the most adorable thing you would ever see. When I learned that we shared a birthday, 6/24, I knew it was fate, that she was meant to come home with me.

The name Xena was chosen for her because that was my favorite show at the time and this tiny little puppy was as fierce as Xena, warrior princess. As it turns out she would prove that many times during the course of her time with me. Xena was fierce up till the time she crossed that rainbow bridge.

She went camping with me and loved it. A very fierce little dog chasing the chipmunks away. I took her on vacation to New Hampshire with me many times and she loved the trails. She was a fierce little dog on the trails always picking up the scent of some little critter. In fact she once managed to lock my Labrador Berry in the bathroom of the cabin… like I said fierce.

At home Xena was not only a warrior but the Queen of the house, even to the two Labradors and the cats. The Labradors would drop the bone they were chewing on to give it to her, all it took was a look.

Always a hit with kids, she reveled in the attention. She would just love to get petted and belly rubs.

Xena was my baby, my sweetheart and my best friend. She would sit with me and help me study for my classes. I would read to her from my text books, because sometimes it helped me to hear this out loud.

She was as excited as I was to move into our new house. Two of her favorite things were going to the park and playing in her big backyard.

We grieved together when the two Labradors crossed over the rainbow bridge. It was a very sad time and we watched a lot of sad movies together.

I was there for her when she injured her back. I made sure that she had everything she needed or wanted. Then when several years later it was time for her to cross over the rainbow bridge I was devastated. This was in 2011. It truly broke my heart. I felt like all happiness was shattered forever. I felt that I would never go on. I almost decided to never get another dog. Thankfully I changed my mind and I got my Jilly. She helped ease the grief.

I keep my Xena’s ashes on my bookshelf with her collar and favorite toy. I know she will be there when its my time. It eases my soul to know that she is happy and playing with the two Labradors and running in a never-ending field.


Xena taught me to be fierce. Be fierce in the face of whatever adversity you have. She was a warrior and a Queen in my house. She also taught me to enjoy being the center of attention sometime, because…well….everyone deserves that sometimes.

Thank you Xena

Thanks for reading……..